The Owner – Nikki Snow

Nikki Gargano-Snow


I’ve always had a huge passion for fitness and have played sports since I was around 5 years old. I was All-Nebraska in high school for 2 of the 3 sports I played and decided to play basketball in college and was named All American my senior year as well as Midland Lutheran College’s Female Athlete of the Year.  My dream after college was to play basketball overseas, but a knee injury during my last game changed that plan. My degree was in Business, so after graduation I started working in Public Accounting.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be “when I grew up”, so that’s the direction I took.  I lived in the gym, either working out or playing sports.  I got into running and did a couple of 1/2 Marathons and 5k, but just doing this wasn’t enough.  I knew something was missing in my life and after about 6 years in Accounting, my husband and I decided we wanted to pursue our dreams and open up our own gym.  We moved to Nashville, fell in love with kettlebell training and decided that was going to be our niche. We moved back to Omaha and opened up SGHP in January of 2010.  I LOVE being able to help people, motivate and challenge them.  I love seeing the transformations and the confidence the comes when people achieve their goals.  I want SGHP to be the best part of our members’ day.

Kettlebell training and our training philosophy under the Functional Movement Screen has helped me lose weight as my weight has been up and down throughout the years because I could never find a program that I enjoyed long enough to stick with.  I’ve also been able to successfully workout with kettlebells through my entire pregnancy, which led to a easier delivery and recovery.  I attended RKC Level 2 only 3 1/2 months after our son was born and I attribute that to being able to be active throughout.  I have a huge passion now after having my own child for Pre and Post Natal training as this is so important for women.  This style of training has also been beneficial in rehabbing my knees, as I’ve learned to move my body better and more efficiently.  I want to be able to share my personal experiences so I can help others experience the same success that I have had.



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